The lucky Y4s at Tinsley Meadows have been selected to take part the UK Space Agency’s ‘Rocket Science’ experiment! The project was initiated to celebrate Tim Peake’s adventure at the International Space Station.We spent some time this afternoon sowing our space ‘Rocket’. The data that we collect will become part of a national database. We have been given two packets of Rocket seeds, one red packet of seeds (Ruby class) and one blue packet of blue seeds (Emerald class). One of these packets was sent to the International Space Station on the 2nd September 2015. The seeds have been stored in microgravity by Tim Peake himself! The other packet has remained here on earth. We are going to watch the seeds grow over the next 35 days and watch what happens –  we will keep you updated with our findings!
What do you predict will happen? Which seeds do you think were sent to space? Red or Blue?
Here is Emerald class sowing the space seeds!
Space seeds 2