Azurite, Quartz & Garnet

Year 1

We have three classes for Year 1 children: Azurite, Garnet and Quartz.

We love computing!

“I think Computing is the best lesson because I like making things happen”
Hassan, age 6

Reading Together

“I read at home every day with my Dad”
Aminah, age 5

Learning Together

“Maths is my favourite.  Ten add ten is twenty!”
Sofia, age 6

Physical Education

Here at Tinsley Meadows we aim to promote a healthy lifestyle and a love of excersise.  We expect all children to change into an appropriate PE kit when they do PE.

All children must bring full PE Kit into school, which should be in a named bag and must be kept in school every day:
• a white PE t-shirt
• black shorts or leggings
• a tracksuit for outdoor PE in cold weather
• a pair of trainers (Children are NOT allowed to wear trainers during the school day except in PE lessons.  They must change into trainers for PE.)

How to help your child in year 1


The more children read the more fluent they become. Therefore we encourage children to read at home as much as possible. They can change their reading books each morning as they come into class and show their teacher their reading record from home. Each time a child reads at home they are given a sticker at school to collect which the children gain prizes for.


Phonics is a way of teaching children how to read and write. It helps children hear, identify and use different sounds that distinguish one word from another in the English language. Ask your child what they have been learning in phonics and help to practise at home. Each child will be given a list of all the different sound combinations so they can practise at home.


Help your child by practising the number bonds to ten (10+0; 9+1; 8+2; 7+3; 6+4; 5+5) and then move on to number bonds to twenty (20+0; 19+1; 18+2 17+3 etc.)  When you are in the supermarket, ask your child about the prices of items as you shop.  Get children involved in cooking, helping to weigh out ingredients.

Parents in Class

We regularly welcome parents into school.  Keep an eye out for our reading mornings and parent workshops.

Age Group: 5-6 years.

School Day: 8.25 – 3.20.


Some fantastic character description sentences.


Comparing numbers using cubes.


Some excellent Gruffalo character descriptions.


Some excellent character descriptions.


Fantastic piece of literacy.


Some excellent character descriptions.


Carpet time.

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