This week David Sandilands, a history enthusiast, visited Y6 to talk about the Second World War. The children have been studying World War II this term, including a visit to Eden Camp.

Mr Sandilands showed the children a range of authentic artefacts – gas masks, food items, uniforms and even an air raid siren. One of the most interesting was the Kit Kat bar – it had a different coloured wrapper compared to today’s Kit Kats due to red dye being expensive. Additionally, pupils had the opportunity to hold an authentic ration book and clothing book; however, they had to handle them carefully as they were extremely delicate.

Several children tried on different war time uniforms. One of our Jet pupils looked very smart in an RAF warden’s uniform! Another pupil had the chance to dress as a fireman from the auxiliary fire service and to Mr Sandilands’ surprise the uniform fitted perfectly. A final eager volunteer really enjoyed stepping into the shoes of an RAF officer when she tried on an original dress coat.

A pupil in Amber remarked that dressing as an Air Raid Warden was great but she’s glad that she doesn’t have to wear the uniform daily. “The helmet felt very heavy and it must have been very uncomfortable wearing it whilst out on patrol.” Another pupil who got to hold an incendiary bomb said “My arms began to ache and although I knew Mr Sandilands wouldn’t put me in any danger I was still a bit apprehensive!”

Mr Sandilands is looking forward to coming back to teach the children about Titanic which is their topic in the summer term. The staff and children all benefited from this fascinating experience, and the knowledge they gained will be very useful in their forthcoming work. Thank you Mr Sandilands!