VE day 8th May 1945 celebrations 8th May 2020

75 years on from Germany’s unconditional surrender which marked the end of the Second World War, Tinsley Meadows Primary Academy is commemorating this historic occasion with our staff, children and families in lockdown.

 We want to celebrate the bravery and courage of those who lived through the Second World War as well as the bravery and courage of everyone in Britain during lockdown.

We are so proud of our pupils who have been commemorating VE Day by doing something that links the bravery and courage 75 years ago with our bravery and courage to stay at home – protect the NHS – and Save Lives now during lockdown.

We are celebrating the efforts of the NHS & Key workers, including our teachers and staff who are keeping the school open and supporting families to educate their children and stay safe at home.  We know how hard it is for you to stay at home during lockdown and celebrate your contribution to keeping everyone safe during this pandemic.