On Wednesday 2nd March, the Y6 Biz Kids went to the The Workstation in Sheffield city centre to present to a panel of judges the fundraising activities they arranged as part of Biz Kids 2016. The children also had to show how they worked as a team and how they solved problems during the project. All the children did brilliant in their presentation and really impressed the judges with their business skills and how determined they were throughout the project.

Some of the feedback the judges provided to Tinsley Meadows is:

The rest of the impartial judging panel asked me to feedback to you on your performance;


  • We were extremely impressed with your presentation.  You communicated very confidently and concisely with the judges, both during the presentation and the questions.
  • You were very well rehearsed, clear and concise with brilliant presenting skills.
  • We were very impressed with your determination to do so muchfundraising for St Luke’s.
  • Your use of initiative and your persuasive skills in writing to businesses and football clubs was also very impressive. It amazed the judges that you had secured a signed Manchester United Football shirt and other prizes. When they write to secure prizes for charity raffles, they never get such a good response!
  • It was lovely to see how good you had been at working together and how inclusive you all were of each other.
  • It was touching and very heart-warming to hear your support for St Luke’s and your understanding of how you will make a difference to the lives of our patients and their families.

They were keen for you to receive a special certificate in recognition of your Team Work and Determination! Splitting into two teams and working together towards separate goals, but always keeping your main target in sight was really inspiring. That you are so determined to reach your target of £3,000 is just amazing.


Well done, and thank you so much!

Biz Kids Team: Akmal, Wisdom, Zainab, Haidar Zoya, Laiba Lilla, Mariah, Malaikah, Habiba Somia and Maha

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