2 year olds
We have a setting which has 32 child places – 16 in the morning and 16 in the afternoon. The 2 year setting is based within the nursery unit.

We provide workshops for parents to help support their children. Currently we have, ‘Come and Read,’ workshops every Tuesday morning 8.30 –12.35 – ask our staff for further details about these.

We provide a 2 year old setting which is stimulating for the children and provides opportunities for children to have fun and learn through play activities. We endeavour to make learning fun and involve parents in their children’s learning and development at all stages.

Feel free to speak to any member of the team to find out more about what is happening in Sunstone – if you would like information about how you can access a place for your child then click here.



“Bang!” – Raees, age 2

Making friends

“Funny!” – Ayla, age 2

Learning through play

“yummy!” – Zahra, age 2

How can you help your child in Nursery?

Come and join in with us reading with your child every week.

Learning at Home

Parents and families are children’s first and most enduring educators. This guide provides more information about children’s experiences in the Early Years Foundation Stage. It provides some suggestions about how to support children’s learning and development at home. All children develop in different ways and at different rates, so speak to your child’s key person if you would like to know more about their most recent progress and development.

Useful Dates

Look out for…

Other seasonal events, sports events and Fayres! Nativity, Eid parties and much, much more!


Parents in Class

‘Come and Read,’ workshops every Tuesday morning 8.30 –12.35