Over the last few weeks, Tinsley’s Biz Kids have carried on arranging activities to raise money for an amazing charity (St Luke’s Hospice). The charity helps people of all ages with incurable illnesses and majority of the running costs have to be covered through projects like Biz Kids.

The children arranged a non-uniform day on World Book Day, where children and teachers came dressed up as their favourite book characters. One of the successes of Biz Kids 2016 was the charity football tournament they arranged in which Tinsley, Marlcliffe and Manor Lodge took part in. The tournament was played in a very lively atmosphere and raised £519 for St Luke’s. After the success of the last cake sale, the children arranged another cake sale at lunchtime which again was very popular with the children – thank you to all the people who donated cakes/buns.

The Y6 teachers couldn’t escape being splatted after the rest of the year group teachers took part in ‘Splat the Teacher’. They hoped it would snow and the children would forget, but the Y6 Biz Kids did not let it slip their mind and were determined to splat the teachers. There was a really big demand to splat the Y6 teachers especially Mr Azam that we had to split it over two days! Zainab  and Mohammed also had the privilege of tipping an ice bucket on Mr Azam to get some payback.

In the last week of the project the children have been raffling off tickets for children to have a chance of winning a range of special prizes. Watch this space to see who wins them!

We would like to congratulate the Biz Kids on their achievements so far and wish them every success in reaching for the stars as they aim to raise £2500!

On behalf of the Biz Kids, we would also like to say thank you to all the parents and children who have supported them Kids on this project and helped a very worthwhile cause.

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