Congratulations to our Key Stage 2 children who sent in some outstanding entries to the recent Sheffield Steel Street Art competition.

Sheffield Steel were “particularly amazed by the outstanding level of work” by our school.

The competition winner was M Ayaan in Topaz class, who will receive a £50 gift voucher and the school will receive a £250 voucher.

The organisers said:

“Despite having a lot of entries, even including KS3, this piece was the ONLY entry which considered what the inside of some of the industries along the canal are/were like. This really made this design stand out both to and our artist, Affix, and Sheffield Steel, the wall owner. Affix is looking forward to incorporating a forge on the final design inspired by this design. We think it will look amazing on the wall. The skill of the drawing is also outstanding.”

In third place was Alex K in Emerald class who will receive a £10 gift voucher for this and the school will receive a £100 voucher.

The organisers said:

“We absolutely love the slogan on the wall! We really want to include this on the final piece. We love the reference to old and new in this design; the industry and history in the background (with the cooling towers) but also the nature and wildlife along the canals and rivers in the present day.  We’re really passionate about protecting the environment so this is perfect in contrast with the other winner from your school.”

Some other close contenders:

“A close contender was Bilen’s design, we loved the reference to women in steel and we will look to include reference to men women and people from all cultures, races and backgrounds in the piece.”

“Aliyah’s piece was a gorgeously put together composition of Sheffield’s key sites.”

“Dwayne’s picture couldn’t help to make you smile with it’s stunning colours and happy scene.”

“Precious’s drawing of the mallard is outstanding quality.”

“We genuinely think that they were all fantastic so in addition I will also be sending a £5 voucher for the other 8  submitted finalists and they all will be on display in Victoria Quays.”

The 8 runners up were:

  • Aliyah H (Y3)
  • Zainab Y (Y3)
  • Maaha Z (Y4)
  • Dwayne K (Y4)
  • Bilen A (Y5)
  • Precious D (Y5)
  • Husna S (Y5)
  • Ceyda O (Y6)

Well done to all the children and we look forward to seeing M Ayaan’s winning design on the side of one of Sheffield Steel’s buildings, which runs along the side of the canal, in the near future.