Years 1 and 2

In Quartz we have Ms Rasab who is the teacher of the class and Miss Buckley who is the Teaching Assistant. We are a mixed Year 1 and Year 2 class.

In Y1, our topic this half term is Dinosaurs. This is a history based topic covering a range of areas including fossils and the famous palaeontologist, Mary Anning. The topic will start by introducing a range of different dinosaurs; teaching the children how to identify them and analyse and compare their features. The next focus is fossils and the children will explore “Life Long Ago” through an exciting visit to school. A team of experts will deliver a series of workshops teaching children about what fossils are and how they are from millions of years ago. The children will then apply this knowledge in class to learning the role of an archaeologist, focusing particularly on Mary Anning and the significance of her work. Finally, the children will learn about the possible theories behind extinction thinking about the possibilities of each.

Y1s Science topic is plants. Children will learn to name plants growing in the local environment and talk about the different uses for plants. They will learn to name the different parts of a plant for example, stem, root, leaf and petal. They will look at how the seasons affect how plants change and also what happens at harvest time.

The following clubs will be available this term:

  • Maths club to help improve their basic Maths skills.
  • Reading club to help improve their comprehension skills.
  • Homework club to provide additional opportunity to complete homework.

Quartz class have PE every Tuesday and Friday and all children need to bring their own PE kits (black shorts/leggings and a white T-shirt).

Finally, if you have any problems or there is anything we can help you with please feel free to come in and see me.

Wold Book Day


Miss McDavid – Teacher

Miss Buckley – Teaching Assistant

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