Tinsley Meadows’ Governing Body was convened in September 2022 and consists of:


Jude Grundy

Chair of Governors

Becky Baynham

Vice Chair

Laura Chambers

Staff Governor

Waqas Rashid

Parent Governor

Rucksar Kauser

Parent Governor

The Chair of Governors may be contacted via the academy.

Governors’ Declarations of Interest can be found here (updated 2 March 2023).

The Five Rivers MAT’s Scheme of Delegation may be found here.

you’re required to make the following available upon request:

Agendas, minutes and meeting papers (excluding any confidential information) may be requested from the Clerk to Governors – contact at enquiries@tinsleymeadows.sheffield.sch.uk

Record of attendance at Governing Body meetings 2022-23
  11 October 2022 28 February 2023 13 June 2023
Jude Grundy Yes Yes Yes
Becky Baynham Yes Yes Yes
Emma Ratcliffe (Staff governor – resigned July 23) Yes Yes Yes
Waqas Rashid Yes Yes Yes
Maria Balazova (parent governor – resigned Jan 2023) Yes N/A N/A
Michael Haddon (parent governor – resigned Nov 2023) N/A Yes Yes
Record of attendance at Governing Body meetings 2023-24
  15 November 2023 28 February 2024
Jude Grundy Yes Yes
Becky Baynham Yes Yes
Laura Chambers No Yes
Waqas Rashid  Yes Yes
Rucksar Kauser N/A Yes