Capturing conversations

David Yates explains how his innovative practice creates a two-way flow of information between home and school, supporting practitioners to make strong, authentic links with home learning.

says Mr Yates

“Experience has taught me that children and families value and appreciate a warm, trusting relationship with their teacher or key person – and never has this been more important than now.”

Many children, families and practitioners/teachers will be returning to schools and settings at the beginning of the new academic year, following a period of unprecedented change, due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Some children have been attending their school or early years setting during the summer term and some have remained at home. Some have been in regular contact with their settings, either to ‘check-in’ or for support and guidance with home learning, while others – some of whom would have been visiting their new Reception Classes – may not have met their new teachers in person.

As we continue to move forward into a ‘new normal,’ building strong, effective relationships with children and families will be vital in supporting their learning, development, and progress as they return to their schools and settings.

Capturing conversations between home and school – Musa and Owais

Musa and Owais are in Reception at Tinsley Meadows Primary Academy, Sheffield. Their parents are enthusiastic users of the home news feature of the Development Map. A rich two-way dialogue has begun between home and school, which includes sharing information and observations of the boys and the experiences they have at home.

This has been a powerful way of bringing the additional, and often otherwise hidden, culturally rich experiences the children have, into school, providing a more complete, holistic picture of their lives.

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