On Tuesday 19 January children and parents in FS1 and FS2 were invited to the second ‘Making it REAL’ event, which helps to provide practical ideas to support the development of the children’s early literacy skills.

We enjoyed walking to the shop and looking for lots of different signs featuring different letters, numbers, shapes, patterns and words on the way. We worked hard to find lots of different signs and put a tick next to each one on our clipboards when we found them!


When we got to the shop we used our shopping lists to look for the different ingredients we needed to make playdough and paid for them at the till.


We used our playdough recipes to make sure we measured the correct amounts of each ingredient and mixed them together well before choosing what colour we would each like our playdough to be.


We took our playdough home along with a special playdough mat. Everyone had a great time!