Healthy Minds

We are committed to working together with our local community.

At Tinsley Meadows Primary Academy, we are engaging with the Healthy Minds Project in Sheffield. Healthy Minds puts emotional resilience at the heart of children’s health and wellbeing and recognises its impact on their learning, behaviour and attainment. By providing a stable, nurturing and protective environment, we can help children learn how to regulate their emotions and develop healthy relationships with other children and school staff. These abilities will have a huge impact on their emotional resilience and satisfaction with their lives.

We have 14 Healthy Minds Champions across the school who deliver random acts of kindness throughout school to children and staff in recognition of helpful, kind and caring behaviour.

Our Healthy Minds Champions support delivery of our daily tuck shop enabling children to eat a healthy and nutrious snack.

Interaction through exercise is integral for children to have a healthy mind. The Healthy Minds Champions support a small group of children to engage with a physical activity everyday on the playground.

They also support children on the playground who may find themselves without a friend to play with by talking to them, finding out what activities they like to do and helping the child to join in.

FRMAT Trust Mental Health & Wellbeing Policy 2022

putting emotional resilience at the heart of children’s health and wellbeing

providing a stable, nurturing and protective environment

Healthy Minds forms an important part of Sheffield’s Emotional Wellbeing and Mental Health Strategy for Children and Young People which was developed by Sheffield City Council and the Sheffield Clinical Commissioning Group.

The project is led by Sheffield Children’s NHS Foundation Trust’s CAMHS team working in collaboration with schools across the city.