Over the last half term, Tinsley’s Y6 Biz Kids have worked their socks off on a project to raise money for St Luke’s Hospice which helps people with incurable illnesses. They have come up with a range of fundraising projects which would make Lord Alan Sugar proud. The Biz Kids have arranged non-uniform days, sold bracelets and got sponsorships from family & friends to take part in a sports competition.

The last week of term saw fundraising fever hit Tinsley Meadows as we raised close to £400 between both schools on ‘Onesie Day’. This was followed by ‘Giving Tuesday’ on 2nd February when the Biz Kids held a food stall and ‘Splat the Teacher’ on the same day! The food stall was as busy as Meadowhall as children and adults bought cakes and biscuits. Amazingly the 120 samosas sold out within 10 minutes which led to the Biz Kids raising £137 from the food stall, and £40 from children getting some payback on their teachers by splatting them with wet, soapy sponges! One lucky child had the pleasure of ice-bucketing Mr. Wilson with freezing cold water!

Though the Biz Kids have got off to a great start by raising £1400 already, they do not have any plans to relax as they have organised much more over the next four weeks. Watch this space for more exciting activities such as a raffle, non-uniform day, another cake sale, sports competition …. Plus the Biz Kids have a special prize they are going to announce soon also!!

We would like to congratulate the Biz Kids on their achievements so far and wish them every success in reaching for the stars as they aim to raise £2500!

On behalf of the Biz Kids, we would also like to say thank you to all the parents and children who have supported them Kids on this project and helped a very worthwhile cause.

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