Y6 have visited Eden Camp, a Modern History Theme museum constructed in the huts of an original prisoner of war camp built in 1942. During the day they visited several huts in order to find out what life was like in England during World War Two.

One of the most interesting huts was hut 4 which is all about how Britain prepared for war. It was fascinating to find out how babies had gas masks which covered their whole body and that young children were given gas masks to look like Micky Mouse. Hut 5 contained a realistic reconstruction of an area which had just been bombed in the blitz. Hut 7 showed what a war time street would have looked like. The pupils learned that people stuck tape on their windows in case the glass shattered due to a bomb falling. They also learned that an adult received very little food for a week.

A fascinating hut was hut 8 which was all about women at war. Women helped on farms to grow food and were called land girls. They also helped catch rats who were eating valuable food. Another important role was making bombs in factories because the men had gone to war. We all had great day out at Eden Camp.

Eden 1