Cultural Capital

We take great pride in developing citizens of the future.
Ways in which we support our pupils to achieve are wide-ranging:
Cultural Capital
 Examples at Tinsley Meadows
Citizenship Peer Mediator project
PSHE Bespoke PSHE programme

Philosophy for Children

Anti-bullying week

RSE Christopher Winter Programme
British Values School council


VE day celebration

Spiritual Assemblies

Religious visits and visitors

Social Inter-School multiplication and sports competitions

Residential experience

Wide range of extra-curricular provision

Visits to the local allotment

Summer school

Links with other locality schools

Moral Assemblies

Biz Kids project to help the local hospice

National charity days

Cultural Live musical Performances and projects

Live plays

Author visits

Art gallery visits

Art weeks

International day

Museum visits

Ambition Aspirations days

Primary Engineers Project with AMRC

Visits to University of Sheffield by Y6 pupils

Cool to be Clever project

Science week

Birkdale student volunteers

Knowledge of the world Wide range of visits and visitors

Knowledge-rich, well-sequenced curriculum

Strong focus on reading

Learning leaders

Maths and reading champions

Trips and visitors every  half term

Mental Health and Well-Being Healthy minds champions

Extra-curricular offer

Peer Mediators

Our desire to develop cultural capital is underpinned by
our Children’s Charter for Early Years and
our Children’s Charter for KS1 & KS2.