Promoting Good Behaviour

developing independent life-long learners

We are proud of our community.

We want all children to feel happy, secure and valued as individuals; to enjoy learning; and to make good progress and become confident, independent learners. Our children have opportunities to acquire and develop the skills of self-discipline, cooperation, respect, tolerance, and care for others.

 We respect everyone.

We aim to develop and maintain good relationships that are based on mutual respect; a sense of community, and a recognition that the rights and needs of everyone matter.

We are fortunate at Tinsley, in that we benefit from being part of a wider community that is drawn from a variety of racial and cultural backgrounds. We see this as an enriching element, and value it. We encourage our children to have respect for others; to be caring towards, and tolerant of others; and to develop positive attitudes towards our differences.

 We learn from our mistakes.

We have very high expectations of standards and behaviour at all times, underpinned by our core values and ethos.

In order to recognise the achievements of children in all aspects of school life, and in particular to reinforce the positive climate we are striving to achieve, rewards are regularly used as part of the school routine. Rewards come in many forms and include ‘smilies’, green cards which are taken home to parents, Headteacher stickers, special mentions and golden tickets.

 We take care of our school.

Sanctions are also put in place to register disapproval of unacceptable behaviour and, on occasion, to protect the authority of staff and the safety of  others.

We take bullying very seriously and have a zero tolerance approach to behaviour of this kind.

We care for the environment.

We aim to help our pupils understand the differences between right and wrong, and to develop a sense of pride in their community and environment.

We are a team, we work as a team.

We place parental involvement high in our school’s priorities and expect parents to be supportive of school, particularly on the issues of attendance, punctuality, behaviour, and attitudes to school and learning.

We are motivated and we aim high.

It is because of all this that our children make good progress throughout their journey of education. Our SATs (Y2 and Y6) results are excellent, giving our children the very best foundation for their secondary education and fully preparing them for life in modern Britain.