As part of Year 4s topic they had a Viking workshop. Here is what some of the children said about their exciting adventure through time:

“On 27th January, Jenny came to Tinsley Meadows Primary School because she was going to teach us all about the Vikings as we are learning about the Vikings in our topic lessons.” – Sana, Emerald

“In the first session, Jenny told us to make a timeline, we wore silly hats and Jenny told us where the Vikings were from. I learnt that Georgians invented forks which was very helpful of them! Another interesting fact I found out about is that Vikings didn’t usually wear horned helmets. However, if you did wear a horned helmet you would scare people and you could drink from the horns.” – Kanza, Ruby

“We learnt about how the Vikings grew wheat. We were allowed to use the ancient artefacts. The next activities were milking a cow and grinding wheat. I learnt that most Vikings couldn’t write.” – Ishaq, Emerald

“I felt happy about the visit because we got to do lots of different stuff that I’ve never done before. My favourite part was when we milked the cow and sheep. I would recommend this to year 3 because it was really fun!” – Noor, Ruby.

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