Before half term, a group of year 5 and 6 children took part in our annual Kingswood residential. During the three day trip, the excited children participated in a range of activities which helped them develop their teamwork and communication.

On the first night, the children were split into two groups to take on the extremely muddy nightline course! Whilst blindfolded, the children had to trust the person in front of them to guide them through the obstacle course. Despite being covered in mud, the children thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

During the problem solving activity, the children had to work in teams to get their entire group across the ‘molten lava’ using only four tyres! After taking some time to come up with a plan of action, the children set about making their journey across the ‘lava’.

The children enthusiastically took part in bouldering, where they tested their strength and rock climbing ability. After navigating the bouldering course, they journeyed through the pitch black tunnels in pairs.

Many of the group particularly enjoyed tackling the jungle vines course where they had to climb up a pole and then make their way across the course using only the ropes provided. It was fantastic to see so many children overcoming their fear of heights and challenging themselves to climb higher.

One of the highlights of the trip was the outdoor laser activity where the children worked in teams in order to defeat their opposition. The children loved hiding amongst the trees and behind the obstacles in order to try and outsmart the other team. They certainly improved their teamwork and communication during each round.

Throughout the three day adventure, the children also learnt how to shoot some arrows during an archery session, conquered their fears by venturing up the climbing wall and tore up the race track on their quad bikes.

Overall the children and staff had a brilliant three days at Kingswood. Next year we will be going to a different Kingswood centre in Dearne Valley which has recently opened – if you are in year 4 or year 5 and are hoping to attend the Kingswood residential next year, look out for the letters which will be sent home soon!