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Jet, Amber & Serpentine

Year 6

There are 3 classes in Year 6: Jet, Amber and Serpentine.

Year six pupils are expected to represent the school ethos and support younger pupils by showing a good example in their learning and play.  Becoming a Y6 pupil at our school also means becoming a prefect. Prefects work hard to demonstrate excellent behaviour to the rest of the pupils in school. As a result of being a prefect children are given extra rewards such as an early playtime, being the first into lunch and being asked to help with important jobs by our office staff. Children can lose their prefect status if they aren’t following the school’s expectations for behaviour and learning. If at the end of the year they still have their prefect jumper the children are rewarded with a trip to Alton Towers.

We love going on visits!

“Kingswood was a week to remember! I loved it so much I’m going again for the third time!” – Sami, age 11

We're full of ideas!

“My favourite lesson is writing, because I get to share my ideas” – Harley, age 11

We've learnt some valuable life-skills

“I like to explore in science and conduct my own experiments ” – Haadiyah, age 10

What are we studying?

During their time in Y6 the children have the opportunity to study a range of topics (these may vary from year to year), through their Literacy, Geography and History sessions including:

  • World War 2
  • South America
  • The 1864 Sheffield Flood
  • Eyam and The Plague
  • Macbeth
  • Pompeii

There are a number of trips linked to the various topics which we study:

  • Chester Zoo (Links with our lessons on the rainforest)
  • Eden Camp (WW2)
  • Kelham Island and Dale Dyke Dam (The 1864 Sheffield Flood)
  • Eyam (The Plague)
  • Crucial Crew (PSHCE – learning to stay safe)
  • Alton Towers (End of year reward trip)
  • Golden ticket trips (these happen at the end of each term for the 20 children who have earned the most amount of golden tickets)

There will also be the annual Y6 residential trip to Kingswood which takes place at the end of spring term 1 and sees a group of Y4, 5s and Y6s spending 3 days taking part in a wide range of activities such as: quad biking, fencing, archery and many more.

Useful Dates

SATS testing this year takes place between Monday 11 May and Thursday 14 May.
Parents are advised to ensure their child attends school on all of these days.


Physical Education

Here at Tinsley Meadows we aim to promote a healthy lifestyle and a love of excersise.  We expect all children to change into an appropriate PE kit when they do PE.

All children must bring full PE Kit into school, which should be in a named bag and must be kept in school every day:
• a white PE t-shirt
• black shorts or leggings
• a tracksuit for outdoor PE in cold weather
• a pair of trainers (Children are NOT allowed to wear trainers during the school day except in PE lessons.  They must change into trainers for PE.)

PE days are as follows:
Jet: Tuesdays and Fridays
Amber: Tuesdays and Fridays
Serpentine: Tuesdays and Fridays

PE Days



Preparation for SATs

Y6 is a very important year for the children so in order to support them there are a number of booster sessions running each week (unless told otherwise classes run 3.30 – 4.30pm).

  • Monday – reading booster (all of Y6).
  • Tuesday – small group reading booster.
  • Wednesday – maths booster (all of Y6).
  • Friday – small group maths booster.

To support the children with their upcoming SATs we operate an Easter school running for3 days during the Easter holidays. Here the pupils can take part in a variety of activities which will support their preparation for SATs. Every Y6 pupil is encouraged to attend for the whole 3 days so they can then get the most out of the experience.

Useful Dates

SATS testing this year takes place between Monday 11 May and Thursday 14 May.
Parents are advised to ensure their child attends school on all of these days.


How can you help your child in Year 6?

Every lesson is vital for this final year of Primary Education.  100% attendance is expected.  You can help your child prepare for the next phase in their education by ensuring they attend every day and make the most of their time in Year 6.

Daily reading is a valuable life-skill and a good habit for children to develop.  All children are expected to read at least three times a week.  Reading at home and at school is recorded in the Reading Diary.

Encourage your child to work at home.  They should know their logins for Reading Buddy and for Mathletics.



given out on Fridays
returned to school on Thursdays.

Homework club is on Wednesdays.
All welcome.

Parents in Class

Regular parents events are planned to invlove parents in their children’s learning.