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What will school be like for me in September?

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When I come to school in the morning I will say goodbye to my adult outside the gate then come through the correct gate and use hand sanitiser.  I will remember to keep my distance from adults as much as possible.  I will remember to be on time because other groups will need to come into school after me.

I will follow my class line to class.  I will remember that I must stay 2m away from adults, but I can walk closer to my friends.  When I go into the classroom I will put my bag / lunch bag on my peg and my coat on the back of my chair.  I will try not to touch anything other than my things and my chair.

Under my desk there will be a tray with my resources and my partner’s.  I will have pencils, rulers, rubbers, sharpeners, purple pen, wipe board, pen and rubber, glue stick, scissors, selection of pencil crayons, reciprocal reading book, banded reading book, red & yellow cards.

Everyone in the class will wash their hands often.  I will rinse my hands, use soap and rub it all over my hands and wrists, then rinse off and dry with a paper towel.  I will use my foot on the pedal to open the bin and throw my paper towel away.  I leave the tap running for the next person.

If I need to blow my nose, I will go to the sink, use blue roll and throw it away in the peddled bin using the foot peddle. I will remember to wash my hands afterwards.

My teacher will teach from behind the line at the front of the classroom.

If I want to go to the toilet I will ask permission and my teaching assistant will come with me and wait outside.  I will remember to stay 2 metres away from everyone I meet in the corridor.

At lunchtime I might not be eating in the dining room.  My classmates and I will eat together quickly and then go outside.  I will have to finish my food within 20 minutes.  On the playground I will have a bubble zone where I can play.  I might not be able to play with all my friends because I can only play with people in the same bubble.

I will remember to wear my PE kit on PE days.  We won’t be changing for PE like we used to, I’ll wear my kit to school and wear it all day.  I can wear a tracksuit to keep me warm.  Most PE sessions will be outside.