Sapphire, Diamond & Turquoise

Year 5

Welcome to Year Five.

  • Classes  – Turquoise – Miss Kinninmonth
  • Diamond – Mr Wilson
  • Sapphire – Miss Bruen
  • TAs – Miss Cawood and Miss Davies – work across all three classes.


As part of a new project, children in Y5 will be completing 3 film in writing topics across the year. Children use a short animation to think about how camera shots, setting and action are used to build a story. Developing their own short scripts for their own films based on the themes that they have recognised in the stimulus film. Learning how to use a range of software on Ipads and computers to film and edit their own movies.


  • Monday outdoor – Sapphire
  • Wednesday indoor – Turquoise, Diamond and Sapphire
  • Thursday outdoor – Turquoise and Diamond.

Homework – set every Wednesday and is due in Monday morning. Homework club in 3:20 – 4:00 on a Wednesday

Topic – Early Islamic civilisation – This looks at the importance of inventions on modern world. As part of this unit the children have a trip to Bradford Museum. In the Summer term the topic is Tinsley Transport. This is where pupils have the opportunity to work on a community heritage project to discover more about how transport and vehicles in and around Tinsley has changed through time and why this is. As part of this topic there is a visit to Weston Park museum in order to give them plenty of ideas to create their own museum style display for the local community.


Staff – Sapphire

Miss Bruen – Teacher


Staff – Diamond

Mr Wilson – Teacher


Staff – Turquoise

Miss Kinninmonth – Teacher