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Our Curriculum | Tinsley Meadows Primary Academy

Our Curriculum

At Tinsley Meadows Primary Academy we follow the National Primary Curriculum and supplement it with lots of first hand experiences to bring learning alive.

The content of the curriculum can be seen in the link below:

Curriculum Grid 2018 – 2019

For more information on our curriculum content in specific subjects please clink on the tabs below. You can find out more by liaising with your child’s teacher or by contacting the school on 0114 2441842


Phonics and Spelling

At Tinsley we follow the ‘Letters and Sounds’ scheme in FS, KS1 & the New to English classes.This scheme aims to build children’s speaking and listening skills in their own right as well as to prepare children for learning to read by developing their phonic knowledge and skills. It sets out a detailed and systematic programme for teaching phonic skills for children with the aim of them becoming fluent readers by age seven.

In FS1 children start working on learning phonics by playing various games where they have to listen for and identify sounds. By the end of FS1 those children who are ready, start phase 2. In phase 2 phonemes are taught using cued articulation.

Children are assessed at the end of every half term and placed in a group according to their phonic knowledge/ability. In FS2 children are not grouped until after Christmas.


From Year 2 onwards we also use Oxford Owl’s Read, Write Inc spelling programme. This contains a range of materials and resources including:

  • knowledge of the history of spelling and the English language
  • a range of suggested strategies, approaches, and activities to help improve and practise spelling
  • a collection of spelling learning objectives and teaching focuses
  • programmes for Years 1 to 6 which draw on the learning objectives and teaching focuses.

In addition, some of the children in Year 6 follow Read, Write Inc and in other year groups phonics intervention groups run to help any children who need further support in this area.

Phonics and Spelling Policy 2018-19


We are passionate about reading at Tinsley and our children develop their skills from a very early age. Reading development is a core focus in everything we do and we have purchased online schemes such as ‘Bug Club’ in order to help to encourage children to read in and out of school by competing to win book prizes.

We also have a number of volunteers who regularly come in to school to listen to children read. Every year we celebrate World Book Day whereby a famous author visits school to share a book with the children. As part of this, children also come dressed as their favourite book character.

During the week, children have an independent reading book which they can read at home and to their class teacher or teaching assistant. Any reading they do with an adult is recorded in their reading diary and once the book is finished they complete a reading journal activity in order to demonstrate how well they’ve understood the text.

They also take part in whole class and small group reciprocal reading sessions where as a class they study a novel developing their skills in predicting, clarifying, questioning and summarising.

Reading Policy 2017-18


Please see our writing policy and writing subject overview grid below to find out more information about how we teach writing at Tinsley.

Writing Policy 2017-18

Writing Subject Overview Grid 2017-18


At Tinsley we LOVE Maths! We all understand the importance of developing strong maths skills and how this can help us both now and in the future.

Click here for our maths policy.

At Tinsley we have adopted the White Rose Calculation policy to develop progression in calculation strategies. Click here to access a copy.


At Tinsley we study a wide variety of topics for both History and Geography.

History policy 2017-18

Geography policy 2017-18


At Tinsley Meadows Primary Academy science lessons provide an opportunity for children to work practically through investigations and experiments. Across each year group we cover a variety of topics ranging from plants and animals to discoveries in space. Practical investigations are a priority as this type of work enables the children to develop their critical thinking and teamwork skills.

As a school, we are keen  to integrate the use of ICT into our science lessons and will often use laptops or ipads to record the findings from our experiments in a range of different ways.

During science week (12th -16th March 2018) we hold a science fair where children from each class showcase a project which they have been working on. This also gives children the chance to experience the variety of career options that science has to offer as we aim to invite several visitors into the fair with expertise in different areas.

If you click the link, you’ll be able to see details of how we develop the skills of children in this curriculum area.

Science skills progression grid.




At Tinsley Meadows, we highly value physical education and sports as one of the ways of learning about teamwork, the importance of competition and how to enjoy physical activity as part of a healthy lifestyle.

Every child at Tinsley Meadows receives 2 hours of high quality PE lessons a week, with at least one hour being taught by a specialist PE teacher. Throughout the year each year group is given the opportunity to experience a specialist sport through either curriculum lessons or lunchtime / after-school clubs. Some of the sports and physical activities children are introduced to, during their time at our school, include: athletics, team games, cricket, dodgeball, dance, boxing and football.

To further enhance and widen pupils’ sporting opportunities, we have forged links with many external sporting organisations. Here are just a few examples:

  • Coaches from Sheffield United visit the school to run the Learn and Move project with KS2 children.
  • We have close links with the Sheffield & Phoenix Cricket Club as well as the Yorkshire Cricket Board so children can receive high quality cricket coaching. This has been a sport in which the school has achieved a lot of success in recent years and we hope to further build on this success in the years to come.
  • Our children have also had the opportunity of working alongside an Olympic Taekwondo champion to find out more about the sport.
  • As members of the Arches School Sports Partnership, the school receives access to city-wide competitions for children, a range of coaching activities and specialist training for staff.
  • Y4 children take part in swimming lessons booked through the Sheffield LA which take place every week at Ponds Forge. Tinsley staff support the swimming instructors so the children can work towards achieving National Curriculum levels and developing their understanding of water safety.

Our school is fortunate to have a dedicated sports hall as well as a large outdoor playing area. The sports hall is always occupied with sporting activities and clubs every lunchtime and after school. This year we have 7 multi-sport clubs, 2 fitness clubs, a Kickboxing club, cricket club and a ‘This Girl Can club’ which are run after-school.

Like last year, we will be holding a sports week (25th June – 29th June 2018) so every child in school can take part in various different sporting activities. This was a success last year at raising awareness of how to lead a healthy lifestyle and in celebrating PE & Sports at Tinsley Meadows.

Furthermore our commitment to PE and Sports has been recognised through achieving the Silver Sports Award and our cricket team received the ‘Arches Sports Team of Year’ award in 2017.

PE Policy 2017-18

Swimming Results 2017-18


The school believes that Religious Education should provide a contemporary study of religion, preparing children for later life. The school bears in mind that Christianity is the largest faith within the UK, however we value and celebrate all other religions. We enjoy celebrating significant religious events, such as Eid and Christmas.  Respect, tolerance and understanding for the beliefs of others is promoted as part of the curriculum.


The children at Tinsley Primary study French during their time here.

Modern Foreign Language policy 2017-18.


Information to follow.

Click here to see a copy of our Computing Skills Progression grid.