Quartz & Garnet

Year 1

We have two classes for just year 1 children (Garnet and Quartz) and 3 classes for mainly year 2 children but some year 1’s (Onyx, Peridot and Tanzanite).

Garnet: Mrs Taylor is the teacher in Garnet and Miss Ali is the teaching assistant.

Quartz: Miss Rasab is the teacher in Quartz and Mrs Ramsden is the teaching assistant.

It is important your child arrives to school on time so they can settle in and begin their learning activities with their friends. Pupils receive the following lessons everyday:

  • Phonics sessions
  • Mathematics
  • Writing
  • Handwriting
  • Reading
  • Quick basic maths

Throughout the week the children are also taught:

  • Physical Education – PE
  • Computing
  • Science
  • Art or Design and Technology
  • Topic
  • Religious Education
  • Philosophy for children – P4C
  • Music

Please ensure children have their PE kits in school and that no jewellery is worn on PE days.

  • Garnet PE days: Monday (indoor) and Tuesday (outdoor)
  • Quartz PE days: Tuesday (outdoor) and Wednesday (indoor)

How to help your child in year 1:


The more children read the more fluent they become. Therefore we encourage children to read at home as much as possible. They can change their reading books each morning as they come into class and show their teacher their reading record from home. Each time a child reads at home they are given a sticker at school to collect which the children gain prizes for.


Phonics is a way of teaching children how to read and write. It helps children hear, identify and use different sounds that distinguish one word from another in the English language. Ask your child what they have been learning in phonics and help to practise at home. Each child will be given a list of all the different sound combinations so they can practise at home.

Finally, if you have any problems or there is anything we can help you with please feel free to come in and see us.

Staff – Quartz

Miss Rasab  – Teacher

Mrs Ramsden –  Teaching Assistant

Staff – Garnet

Mrs Taylor – Teacher

Miss Ali –  Teaching Assistant