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Learning from Home

during school closure


Here at Tinsley Meadows we hope that you can continue your learning from home even when school is closed.
We aim to help you to do this by giving you the resources you need to learn by yourself and with an adult from home.

Show us your learning on Twitter or Facebook and receive a virtual reward from your teacher and school leaders.

Keeping fit and healthy in your home

Keep fit and healthy from home with #thebodycoach at 9am every weekday morning.

We have given you a pack of activities.  Young children learn best by repeating activities over and over again.

Take your pick!  Enjoy your learning!

Playdough Recipe

Online Home Learning Links


For all those in Sunstones and Moonstones who enjoy singing and dancing – you might enjoy these!


FS1 Sunstones & Moonstones Nursery Rhyme Booklet Tuesday 31st March

FS1 Sunstones & Moonstones 100 Things to Do Indoors Tuesday 31st March

FS1 Sunstones & Moonstones More Online Links Tuesday 31st March

FS1 Maths 20.4.20 Square

FS1 Silly Soup 20.4.20

Some ideas for games with younger children here

Our Voice Sounds Song