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Nursery for children 3+

Welcome to Moonstones!

Our nursery has 120 places for children aged three and four years old. We have 60 places in the morning from 8:30 am to 11.30 am and 60 places in the afternoon from 12:30 pm to 3:30 pm.

A secure foundation stage supports each individual child’s development. Whilst children learn through play, we organise learning opportunities both inside and outside which are planned around their needs and develop their skills by capturing their interest.

In Moonstones, the children are always encouraged to help us to establish and follow our rules and boundaries. The children continue to learn how to build friendships, secure existing friendships and make new friends.

The Early Years curriculum

We follow the statutory requirements of the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) framework. We ensure that the experiences we provide for the children in the Foundation Stage are shaped to ensure that they are given opportunities to make progress within the seven areas of learning and development as they make steady progress towards achieving the Early Learning Goals (ELGs) at the end of the Reception year at school.

How do we learn in FS1?

We believe our children learn best through play and when they are following their own interests. In FS1 we provide a balance of adult-led and child-initiated provision to ensure that children can lead their own learning whilst being sensitively supported by adults to extend their thinking and understanding. Our Early Years Foundation Stage policy, information about our core values for children’s learning and the unique role of the adult in Foundation Stage at Tinsley Meadows are available on this page.

Learning through play

“I like pretending” – Layla, age 3

Sharing Stories

“I’ll blow your house down!” – Ayaan, age 3

Feeding Curiosity

“What is it?” – Zoya, age 4

What do we learn in FS1?

We follow a two-yearly cycle of themes in FS1. These themes have been carefully chosen to ensure that our children are provided with exciting and stimulating learning opportunities across all 7 areas of learning in the the Early Years Foundation Stage framework. These are fun and interactive and enable the children to display the characteristics of effective early learning. We aim to incorporate the children’s current interests and fascinations into each theme to make their learning even more enjoyable and exciting and relevant to them.

The themes we have planned to focus on this year are:

Do You Want to Be Friends? – We will think about ourselves, our families and friends and what makes us unique. We will also be learning about our senses and how we use them to explore the environment. We will be talking about what we like and dislike and will be considering our emotions and feelings.

Light and Dark/Celebrations We will look at different festivals and celebrations. We will learn about what happens during Diwali, Bonfire Night and Christmas and think about the different ways in which we all celebrate. We will also look at the seasons and take part in a seasonal performance.

Why Can’t I Eat Chocolate for Breakfast? – We will talk about healthy eating and looking after our bodies. We will have lots of opportunities to consider healthy and unhealthy food and the effect that food has on our bodies.

 Are Eggs Alive? We will think about what happens when eggs hatch and discuss baby animals, minibeasts and insects as they grow and develop. We will also learn about the life cycle of various animals and talk about animals who live on the farm. We will also look for and talk about the signs of spring.

Did Dragons Exist? We will think about dragons, knights, princes, princesses and castles.

Why is Water Wet? We will talk about and experience water in its different forms. We will think about ‘watery’ weather and the different uses of water.

Key Person

Every child is allocated a Key Person. Each Key Person has a special bond with each of their key children. They are responsible for supporting and observing each of their key children’s learning development and progress, during their time with us, and liaising with their family. We use the Development Map pedagogical tool to record children’s learning, development and progress during their time with us and to maintain links with home.

Learning at home

Parents and families are children’s first and most enduring educators. This guide provides more information about children’s experiences in the Early Years Foundation Stage. It provides some suggestions about how to support children’s learning and development at home. All children develop in different ways and at different rates, so speak to your child’s key person if you would like to know more about their most recent progress and development.

What have we been getting up to recently in FS1?

 If you would like to find out about our most recent learning, have a look at the Tinsley Meadows Twitter page @TinsleyMeadows or find us on Facebook to see what we have been doing.

 Don’t forget – Parents/carers are always welcome in FS1. Your views and feedback are important to us. If you have any questions or would like to discuss your child’s learning and development or look at their individual Learning Journey, please speak to Mr Yates (Class Teacher) or your child’s key person to arrange a mutually convenient appointment.

When can families usually come into nursery?

Every day:

Stay and Play with your child at the beginning of session.


Every week:

Rhyme Time Wednesdays at 8.30 am and 12.30 pm

Story Time Thursdays at 8.30 am and 12.30 pm

Families are invited to attend our sessions each week to enjoy joining in singing songs and rhymes and listening to stories with their children.

Other ‘parents in class’ sessions are usually offered once every half term.


Look out for…

Other seasonal events, sports events and Fayres! Nativity, Eid parties and much, much more!