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Jet & Amber – Y6 | Tinsley Meadows Primary Academy

Jet & Amber

Year 6

There are 2 classes in Year 6: Amber and Jet.

The class teachers are Miss Jina (Amber) and Miss Norman / Miss Inman (Jet). We also have 2 teaching assistants in Y6 who support both classes: Mr Pritchard and Miss Olijnyk and 2 Curriculum Specialists: Miss Ratcliffe and Mr Azam.

During the spring term our classes are looking at the topic ‘World War 2’. In this topic we get to learn about what happened during World War 2 and what impact the war had on our local area.


This term we will be visiting Eden Camp as part of our World War 2 topic and are hoping to have a visit from David Sandilands, who will be sharing some of his WW2 artefacts.

There will also be the annual Y6 residential trip to Kingswood which takes place at the end of spring term 1 and sees a group of Y5s and Y6s spending 3 days taking part in a wide range of activities such as: quad biking, fencing, archery and many more.

Class Author

This term’s author for our class is Terry Deary and we are currently enjoying reading his story ‘Put out the Light’. The book is set in the not too distant past. The book follows the experience of two sets of children living during the time of the war – Billy and Sally are from Attercliffe and we follow their adventures as they help Warden Crane catch a blackout thief. Then there’s Manfred, a German school boy, and Irena (a Polish prisoner of war) who develop an unlikely friendship. We can’t wait to find out if Billy and Sally manage to catch the thief or if Manfred and Irena are successful in their daring escape plan.

Weekly Activities

Y6 is a very important year for the children so in order to support them there are a number of booster sessions running each week (unless told otherwise classes run 3.30 – 4.30pm)


Reading Adventurers with Miss Norman

Reading Stars with Miss Jina

Reading Detectives with Mrs Sanderson


Fibonaccians with Miss Ratcliffe

Our new school band will also be starting their rehearsals on this night too.

Homework club with Miss Inman (this finishes at 4pm).


Fibonaccians with Miss Ratcliffe

Archimedeans with Mr Azam


Online Math Tutoring with Mr Copestake

Pythagoreans with Mr Pritchard

Maths club with Mr Azam


Archimedeans with Mr Azam

Online Math Tutoring with Mr Copestake

Maths club with Miss Ratcliffe.

Olympians sports club with Miss Ibrahim.

Year 6 Prefects

Becoming a Y6 pupil at our school also means becoming a prefect. Prefects work hard to demonstrate excellent behaviour to the rest of the pupils in school. As a result of being a prefect children are given extra rewards such as an early playtime, being the first into lunch and being asked to help with important jobs by our office staff. Children can lose their prefect status if they aren’t following the school’s expectations for behaviour and learning. If at the end of the year they still have their prefect jumper the children are rewarded with a trip to Alton Towers.

Easter School

To support the children with their upcoming SATs there will be an Easter school running for the first 3 days of the Easter holidays. Here the pupils can take part in a variety of activities which will support their preparation for SATs. Every Y6 pupil is encouraged to attend for the whole 3 days as they can then get the most out of the experience.


During the first half of this term several of the pupils are taking part in a Bizkids project to help raise money for St Luke’s Hospice. They have been busy making and selling loom bands and are in the middle of organising a splat the teacher complete with an ice bucket challenge! There are also plans for a onesie day to help raise more funds.  Click here to find out more.

Staff – Amber

Miss Jina – Teacher

Mr Pritchard – Teaching Assistant

Miss Olijnyk – Teaching Assistant

Miss Ratcliffe – Curriculum Specialst

Mr Azam – Curriculum Specialst

Staff – Jet

Miss Norman – Teacher

Miss Inman – Teacher

Mr Pritchard – Teaching Assistant

Miss Olijnyk – Teaching Assistant

Miss Ratcliffe – Curriculum Specialst

Mr Azam – Curriculum Specialst

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