Ethos and Values


At Tinsley Meadows Primary Academy we work to the following Core Values:


  • We love our planet
  • We take care of our school 
  • We are a team and we work as a team 
  • We look out for and take care of each other 
  • We are motivated and we aim high 
  • We care for our environment 
  • We respect EVERYONE and accept each other’s differing faiths and beliefs 
  • We are proud of our community
Our British Values
At Tinsley Meadows Primary Academy we value the diverse ethnic backgrounds of all pupils, families and staff. Our rich mix of cultures gives us all respect and tolerance for the differences in our community, and indeed the wider world in which we live.
We celebrate the diversity in our school and hold celebration events throughout the year from which we all learn more about the traditions, and cultures present in different countries and the various beliefs and faiths around the world.
Whilst we are proud of our diversity and strive to understand each other as individuals, we are also keen to learn about British history and understand how we can prepare ourselves for a life in Modern Britain.
We have a year-long assembly plan for our entire school that includes lots of exciting talks and visits on topics such as:
  • Crucial Crew – understanding British Criminal Law
  • Guy Fawkes and Bonfire Night
  • Armistice Day and the importance of Remembrance
  • Advent
  • The British Monarchy
  • Empathy, Respect and Tolerance (also taught within our PSHE lessons)
  • International day of Peace
  • Inspirational Leaders from around the world
British values are very much embedded into our curriculum and in our school culture. Our history curriculum covers a broad spectrum of British history including the Anglo-Saxons, World War II and the Roman Empire.
Democracy underpins everything we do at Tinsley. We have a strong School Council who come together to represent the views of all pupils in our school, from Y1 to Y6. Votes are taken to elect School Council members from every class.
We are proud to promote these values in our school and we are committed to empowering every single pupil to contribute positively to the democratic and harmonious country we live in.