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Preparing for Return to School in September

We are driven by our desire to provide a positive, safe and stimulating environment.

In order to minimise the risk of children contracting Covid 19 in school, each class will be viewed as a bubble and detailed timetables have been put in place to ensure that these bubbles meet as little as possible. We know children will be upset not to meet with children from other bubbles during the day, but we are looking at ways which bubbles can contact each other.

We would ask parents that when you collect your child you also try to maintain social distancing while at the school gates. Below is a timetable with the start and finish times for each year group and their nominated entrance – please take a moment to familiarise yourself with this. Please turn up on time at the right entrance and not at the front door.

As you can appreciate, we want to minimise the chance of cross contamination between home and school so we are asking that no child goes home for dinner but remains at school. Staff will also not be allowed off the site during the day except for our pastoral team.

Year Group Class Start Time End Time Friday Lesson End Time Gate to bring/collect your child
Sunstones AM session

Mrs Baz

08:40 11:40 Nursery outdoor gate and in through external doors
PM Session

Mrs Baz

12:30 3:30
Moonstone AM session

Mr Yates

08:40 11:40 Nursery outdoor gate and in through external doors
PM Session

Mr Yates

12:30 3:30
FS2 Mrs Cowling


08:40 3:40 12:40 Mini bus gates and into class through FS2 outdoor space
New Teacher


08:40 3.40 12:40
Mrs Chambers & Mrs Reeve


08:40 3.40 12:40
Aqua Miss Latham


08:40 3:40 12:40 Main entrance
Year 1 Miss Dalton


08:30 3:30 12:30 Gate by St Lawrence Road bus stop
Miss Weller


08:30 3.30 12:30 Left hand MUGA gates
Miss Zalesnackova


08:30 3.30 12:30 Right hand MUGA gates
Year 2 Miss Leedham


08:30 3:30 12:30 Main gate Right Hand Side
Miss Chojnacka


08:30 3.30 12:30 Main gate Left Hand Side
Miss Sultana


08:30 3.30 12:30 Breakfast club gates
Year 3 Miss Shepherd


08:40 3:40 12:40 Main gate Left Hand Side
Mr Cook


08:40 3.40 12:40 Breakfast club gates
Miss Bristow


08:40 3.40 12:40 Main gate Right Hand Side
Year 4 Miss Rasab


08:40 3:40 12:40 Gate by St Lawrence Road bus stop
Miss Still


08:40 3.40 12:40 Left hand MUGA gates
Miss Jina, Mrs Bloomer & Mrs Peats


08:40 3.40 12:40 Right hand MUGA gates
Year 5 Miss Milsom


08:20 3:20 12:20 Gate by St Lawrence Road bus stop
Miss Inman


08:20 3.20 12:20 Left hand MUGA gates
Mr Wilson


08:20 3.20 12:20 Right hand MUGGA gate
Year 6 Mr Anderson


08:20 3:20 12:20 Breakfast club gates
Miss Francis


08:20 3.20 12:20 Main gate Left Hand Side
Miss Ratcliffe


08:20 3.20 12:20 Main gate Right Hand Side
Important Dates and TImes
When does school open again?

As of Friday 11th September (the second Friday back), school will finish at lunch time in order for us to do a complete deep clean of the site and for teachers to have their planning time; please see the table below for what time your child will finish on a Friday. We look forward to welcoming you back on Thursday 3rd September.

Next academic year we will be following the Sheffield school holidays and a copy of the calendar can be found at the end of this letter. We expect full attendance at school as Sheffield Council has already stated that fines will be in operation for persistent absence.

Dates for your Diary
  • Inset – 1st and 2nd September
  • Thurs 24th Sept pm – Early close to facilitate Zoom meetings with new class teacher and parents to talk about how your child has settled in. (it will be sorted how afternoon nursery do this and details will be sent in September)
  • Monday 11th January – Assertive Mentoring Day – school closed for appointments
  • Monday 22nd February – Reading Project Day – school closed for training
  • Thursday 1st April – Assertive Mentoring – school closed for appointments

There will also be three early closes to be confirmed, one for Autumn 2, one for the spring term and one for the summer term. (these won’t apply to afternoon nursery)