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Coral, Jade & Jasper – FS2 | Tinsley Meadows Primary Academy

Coral, Jade & Jasper

Foundation Stage 2

Welcome to Foundation Stage 2 at Tinsley Meadows!

The three classes in FS2 are Jade, Jasper and Coral.


Mr Yates is the class teacher in Jade and the teaching assistant is Ms Ward.


Mrs Robinson is the class teacher in Jasper and the teaching assistant is Ms Elkington.


The class teachers in Coral are Mrs Reeve and Mrs Chambers. The teaching assistant is Miss Khan.

What do we learn about in FS2?

We follow a two-yearly cycle of topics in FS2. These topics have been carefully chosen to make sure that our children are provided with learning opportunities across the whole of the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum that are fun and interactive. We aim to incorporate the children’s current interests and fascinations into each topic to help make their learning even more enjoyable and exciting and relevant to them.

The themes we have planned to focus on this year are:

All About Me – We will think about ourselves and our families and what makes us all unique. We will also be learning about the senses and how we use them to explore the environment. We will be talking about what we like and dislike and considering emotions and feelings.

Light and Dark/Celebrations – We will look at different festivals and celebrations. We will learn about what happens when it is Diwali, Bonfire Night and Christmas and think about the different ways we all celebrate. We will also look at the seasons and take part in our Christmas performance.

Which is the biggest Dinosaur? – We will look at different types of dinosaurs and other creatures and think about where they lived. We will decide how to group them by size, shape or length and make our own dinosaur models!

How Does that Building Stay up? – We will be looking at all the different buildings in Tinsley and finding out what they are made from. We will be using 2D and 3D shapes to create our own buildings and structures and challenging each other to build the tallest tower!

Why Do Spiders Eat Flies? We will look at different kinds of mini beasts and will take part in our own mini beast hunt to see how many different creatures we can find. We will learn about how different creatures live and grow and look at different habitats.

Am I the Fastest? We will practice fast and slow movements and talk about the different ways in which we can use our bodies. We will take part in different games and measure time and distance in different ways.


Our PE sessions in FS2 take place on the following days:

Jasper – Monday

Jade – Tuesday

Coral – Thursday

Please ensure your child always has the correct PE kit in school and that all jewellery is removed on PE days.

‘Rhymers are Readers’

There are ‘Rhymers are Readers’ sessions in each class every week. These currently take place on the following days:

Coral – Monday at 3:00pm

Jade – Tuesday at 3:00pm

Jasper – Thursday at 3:00pm

Parents/carers are invited to join us at these sessions where we enjoy a story together and learn a new rhyme every week. We would love you to come and join us at school.

Latest News – April 2016

The Three Little Pigs

Last half term we enjoyed looking at the story of ‘The Three Little Pigs.’ We learnt to retell the story using the WAGOLL and acted out the story using puppets and masks. We performed the WAGOLL for our grown-ups during our Parent Showcase!

Showcase 1
Showcase 2


We have been busy baking something different every week and have welcomed Dawn, our school cook, into FS2 to bake with us. She has helped us to make cherry buns, biscuits and fruit salad. She also helped us to make the Easter nests which we sold for our Enterprise project. We raised £107, which will go towards the costs of our school trips. Thank you to everyone who purchased our buns.

We would all like to thank Dawn and Natalie for giving their time to help us bake and Taylor Shaw for donating the baking ingredients! Thank you to all!!

The Little Library

Earlier last half term, the children in FS2 were visited by the Little Library. Each child visited the library bus and took home their own Bookstart pack. We hope you enjoy sharing the book with your child.

 St. Lawrence’s Church

We visited St. Lawrence Church and met Reverend Margaret who spoke to us about the church and told us lots of interesting things. She showed us what happened when a baby is christened and some of us put on the coloured scarves. We looked at the stained glass windows and listened to the organ and the church bells.


We learnt about the Christian festival of Easter. We tasted hot cross buns and were lucky enough to be visited by the Easter bunny who left us some chocolate eggs!


New School

We visited the site of our new school. We met one of the builders who showed us where our new classrooms would be. We asked some questions about the new school and how it is being built.

We saw some other builders working on the site and looked at the different machines that they are using to help them build the school.


This half term we are going to be busy learning all about minibeasts. We are going to be finding out what they look like, where they live and what they like to eat. We will be visiting the Tropical Butterfly House on Thursday 21st April where we are hoping to see lots of different creatures!


Samena Malik (Early Years Practitioner)

Karen Parker (TA3)

Miss Hammond

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